Nauru asylum seekers charged with riot: Australian refugee supporter calls for charges to be dropped

Yesterday, Thursday 15 November, 14 asylum seekers in the Nauruan detention centre were issued summonses for wilful damage, riotous damage to a building and riot. More have also joined the hunger strike.

Those charged are to appear in the Nauru Court on 19 November. (A transcription of the charge sheet is below).

“These charges are out of all proportion to what happened inside the Nauru detention centre on 30 September,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“The charges are obviously politically motivated and have been designed to intimidate the asylum seekers. It is bad enough that the government has abused their human rights by sending them to Nauru in the first place. The charges should be dropped. There is no law to process asylum seekers, but plenty of law it seems to persecute them.”

Meanwhile more people have joined the hunger strike. Omid has entered the 36th day of his hunger strike and another five Iranians are in their 16 th day of hunger strike. Yesterday, around 23 recent arrivals also re-started their hunger strike.

One of the recent hunger strikers told the Refugee Action Coalition, “The Australian government says it wants to save the lives of people in the sea. What is it doing to save the lives of people on Nauru?”

The demands of all the hunger strikers remain the same: to close Nauru; bring all asylum seekers to Australia and to immediately begin processing their refugee claims.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713 .

To (angel)

Mr XXXXX of ( b) Nauru Processing Centre
You are hereby commanded to attend at 10:00 am, 19th day of November 2012 in the Distract Court House at You are there answer the following charge made on the complaint of (angel) police & others.

Count 1
Statement of offence (angel)
Rioters injuring building: contrary to section 66 of the Criminal Code Act of Queensland 1st schedule adopted.
Particulars of offence (beer)
Mr XXXXX on the date 30th Sunday September 2012at Nauru Topside Regional processing Centre did unlawfully damage a building.

Count 2
Statement of offence
Riot: contrary to section 63 of the criminal code of Queensland (1st schedule adopted) 1899
Particulars of offence Mr. XXXXX .on the 30th Sunday September 2012 at the Nauru topside Regional Processing Centre did take part in a riot.

Count 3
Statement of offence
Willful Damage: Contrary to section 469 of the criminal Code Act of Queensland 1st schedule adopted.
Particulars of offence
Mr XXXXX on the date 30th Sunday September 2012 at Nauru Topside Regional in the night did willfully destroy property to wit fluorescent lights,tables,chairs,1 fridge, 1 soccer table at the recreational area, 1 bain marie , 500kg of food ,kitchen marquee, two fridge at the kitchen and 2 tents the property of the Commonwealth Government of Australia

And be dealt according to law.
Date this 15th day of November 2012

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