Clare O’Neil lets PNG refugee kids go hungry

Inaction by the Australian government is leaving refugee families destitute.

PNG refugees face eviction as all services cut

Refugee service providers (including medical provider PIH) have sent a letter to PNG immigration threatening PNG refugees with eviction from 23 November.

PNG refugees in dire straits as services and safety cut

A farcical statement from the PNG Chief Migration Officer, Stannis Hulahau, has left refugees bewildered.

Australian secrecy on shady PNG deal has to end

The Australian government needs to respond to the current allegations of fraud in the PNG Humanitarian Program to which Australia is a party. 

PNG secret deal leaves refugees without food vouchers, income or transport

Following on from cuts to electricity and threats of eviction, PNG refugees this week have been left without food vouchers and allowances.

Australia’s secret PNG deal must be investigated

Refugee advocates are calling on both the Australian and PNG governments to urgently investigate the secret 2021 deal struck by the Morrison government and PNG governments for services to refugees left in PNG by Australia.

PNG refugee family forcibly evicted amid contract rorts

A 34-year-old Afghan refugee, his heavily pregnant wife and two young children have been forcibly evicted from their accommodation in Port Moresby

Sack Pezzullo, but Home Affairs and Operation Sovereign Borders also needs to go

Pezzullo has been a ruthless advocate of the most brutal anti-refugee border protection policies implemented by successive Liberal and Labor governments.

Neil Para wins visa, but 9,999 others still waiting for justice

The news that Neil Para and his family have been granted permanent visas is very welcome. They have been waiting since August 2012.

Security-cleared refugee on hunger strike for freedom

Egyptian refugee Sayed Abdellatif, long denied a permanent visa on dubious security grounds, has finally been granted a security clearance by ASIO.