Neil Para wins visa, but 9,999 others still waiting for justice

The news that Neil Para and his family have been granted permanent visas is very welcome. They have been waiting since August 2012.

Security-cleared refugee on hunger strike for freedom

Egyptian refugee Sayed Abdellatif, long denied a permanent visa on dubious security grounds, has finally been granted a security clearance by ASIO.

Overdose death at Villawood detention centre

An African immigration detainee was found dead in his room at Villawood this morning.

Refugee protests across Indonesia to mark Refugee Day

Hundreds of refugees, mostly Afghan and Sudanese, staged protests on World Refugee Day in cities across Indonesia to demand resettlement after years of being stranded in poverty. 

Brisbane detention protest calls for freedom for Hamid

Around 50 people held a protest at Brisbane's immigration detention centre, BITA to call for the release of Hamid, an Iranian refugee brought from Nauru to Australia in February this year.

Free Hamid: refugees transferred from Nauru are being freed, except Hamid

Hamid, an Iranian refugee brought from Nauru to Australia four months ago in February is still being held in detention.

Sudanese refugees arrested in Makassar, Indonesia

Indonesia immigration and police have arrested around 12 Sudanese refugees (including two children) who had been holding a peaceful, indefinite protest vigil outside the UNHCR offices in Makassar, Indonesia.

Grave concerns for Melbourne detention hunger striker

The Refugee Action Coalition has grave concerns for the welfare of “Mahdi” an Iranian asylum seeker now in his 23nd day on hunger strike in Melbourne’s detention centre, MITA.

Despite the Sudanese crisis, Labor is leaving Sudanese refugees behind

The more than 500 Sudanese refugees in Indonesia are one of the groups that have been left behind by the Labor government’s budget failure to increase the humanitarian refugee intake or end the ban on accepting refugees from Indonesia.

Desperate PNG refugee attempts self-immolation after years of neglect

A 46-year-old Iranian refugee doused himself, and an office, in petrol yesterday morning threatening to set himself alight.